Seth Berman, Noodles Cafe & Sushi Bar

Noodles Italian Cafe & Sushi Bar: Sumptuous Small Plates

For more than 25 years, Noodles Italian Café & Sushi Bar remains atop our city’s best-known crowdpleasers, offering authentically modern interpretations on continent-spanning fare from Italy and Japan.

Chef Seth Berman's Foodie Camp’s demo and lunch delves into delicious small-plate tapas-style dishes followed by a grand finale of Noodle’s famous Italian-stuffed artichoke

Helmed by brothers/restaurateurs Seth and Matt Berman, their passion for heartfelt hospitality runs generations deep. Time-honored family favorite recipes are showcased via imaginative seasonal offerings. 

Whether pining for pasta or savoring sushi, each cuisine featured merits independent integrity on the menu. Think flair, not fusion: tuna tataki or fried calamari? Volcano roll or mussels Tuscany? Soy sauce or balsamic vinegar? Every dish prepared pays homage to its heritage, boosting best-in-show ingredients.

We recently sat down with Chef Seth Berman and learned the following:

“I was born and raised on Long Island in New York City. Mom and Dad were particular about the quality of food they prepared, and never sacrificed on the high quality of ingredients. For generations our family did not just eat – we feasted! And we enjoyed wonderful flavors from all over the world. Nutritious, healthy and delicious food was always a must, and that premise shaped our lifelong eating habits. As a result, we are always creating new healthy and exciting cuisines.

As we traveled and worked in restaurants throughout the northeast, from New York to Nantucket, Newport to Florida, we sharpened our culinary skills. In 1991, we opened our first restaurant, tucked away in a small strip plaza on Pine Ridge Road in Naples, and created a new culinary concept called Noodles Café. Here, our family opened its doors, inviting customers to 'feast in our home.'

Our original homemade pasta menu was posted on chalkboards throughout the restaurant. Guests simply chose from one of our handmade, in-house pasta dishes seasoned with locally grown herbs, or from made-to-order appetizers, salads and desserts. Our original signature dishes included what are now Noodles classics: chicken and artichoke hearts, pasta bayou, and homemade lobster ravioli."

Over the past 25-plus years, Noodles has evolved into the uniquely styled, highly energized Noodles Italian Café & Sushi Bar, distinctively defined by its superlative interpretation of innovate New Italian cuisine combined with intricately composed Japanese sushi. 

Noodles Italian Cafe & Sushi Bar

Chef Seth Berman's Foodie Camp Class

Wednesday, October 17, 1:30-3 p.m.

1585 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, Florida 34109, United States