Jesse Housman

Bistro 821

Jesse Housman’s 40-plus year as a chef is grounded in one of the most privileged foundations a chef could hope for. His mentor and teacher was the legendary Jacques Pepin, who, with none other than Julia Child, founded a culinary program at Boston University. Chef Jesse graduated as one of the school’s first class of 12.

“I am fascinated by Jacques Pepin,” Chef Jesse says. “I was into fast food and he brought me up into fine dining.”

The journey from fast food aficionado to Jacques Pepin’s student started, as with so many chefs, in a restaurant kitchen as a dishwasher. “I started working in the restaurant business in the mid eighties as a dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant called Sam Diego’s. After a few months, I was completely hooked,” says the chef.

After working in several more restaurants, Chef Jess learned about the new culinary program being launched at Boston University by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. In addition to Jacques Pepin and Julia Child, he worked alongside such chefs Todd English and Marcella Hazan. “After completing Boston University’s chef program, I worked as a sous chef at Spinazzola’s restaurant, the Chanterelle and La Alouette,” the chef reports.

Chef Jesse moved to Naples with his rich educational legacy and professional training and became the sous chef at Michael’s Café, one of the leading restaurants of Naples in its time. Then he opened Bistro 821, Bistro 41 in Ft. Myers, and Zoe’s in Naples.

Bistro 821 is where Chef Jesse currently performs his culinary magic. 

With Bistro 821, Chef Jess pioneered the dining scene on Naples’ happening 5th Avenue South more than 20 years ago. Many awards and accolades later, the restaurant is still one of Naples’ finest, and Chef Jesse Housman is one of the city’s bona fide celebrity chefs. 

Bistro 821

Chef Jesse's Foodie Camp Class

Tuesday, October 16, 1:30-3 p.m.

821 5th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102, United States